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Somasense Practitioner®

Somasense® combines hypnosis, mindfulness and movement as a means of:
  • Working with the stories the body holds – the somatic narrative.
  • Working with the body to resolve past trauma.
  • Promoting healing and reintegration.
Somasense® has been developed as a way to incorporate a mind-body approach into therapies and is particularly good at helping people increase awareness and resolve past trauma which is continuing to cause them issues.

The Somasense® practitioner will help you to access a state of deep connection with your mind and body by guiding you into a deep state of relaxation. They will then gently encourage you to explore the knowledge and memories which your body holds – your somatic narrative. Using a combination of mindful awareness and controlled movement, your Somasense® practitioner will help you release any trauma which has remained trapped in your body. Somasense® does not involve any physical contact from the therapist, instead they will encourage you to explore the sensations within your own body and take the lead from your own bodily awareness. Somasense® is a very gentle and effective form of somatic therapy which I  integrate with my therapeutic modalities.
Somasense® integrates movement with mindfulness and awareness. Movements are carried out in a controlled way whilst the client discusses how it feels to work through those movements. In this way, the client can begin to experience a connection with a somatic release and the thoughts and emotions which accompany that physical release.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates
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