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Elaine Stavert
Wellbeing Detective & Balancer

Associate Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Kinesiologist, Iridologist, Hypnotherapist
HomeoBotanical Therapist, Reiki Master, Buteyko Br
eathing, Soma-Psych Alignment® Therapist
OldPain2Go, Somasense® HypnoIBS®, SIRPA Trained, Sunder Process


Naturopathy and Therapy Services

FREE 15 minute discovery phone call

Please email me on to schedule your chat

May need to use a computer not mobile or tablet

Multi Modality Session + remedy

1hr 30 mins.    £125

Emotional, structural, biochemical support for new or existing clients.  This session is if you would like to work with a blend of any of my modalities such as Soma-Psych Alignment (SPA)®, Sunder Process™, SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Programme), OldPain2Go, Hypnotherapy, basic kinesiology muscle testing techniques, Buteyko Breathing, flower or gem essences, aromatherapy, basic nutrition advice, simple iris interpretation (iridology).  This is best done In clinic but some modalities can be done online (except SPA & kinesiology). This could also be a longer follow up session.  This does not include any supplement recommendations or written plan (see Full Naturopathic Assessment below for those) but includes a personalised HomeoBotanical remedy to take away or posted (Value £20).

Full Naturopathic Assessment In Clinic + Iridology Report + remedy

2 1/2 hrs (Adult)  £275

Naturopathic Nutrition & Lifestyle initial in depth, very comprehensive consultation.  This is a much longer, and more in depth consultation than most, and includes a personalised HomeoBotanical remedy to take home (value £20).  Following a detailed history taking, reviewing your food diary, iridology assessment and kinesiology muscle response testing, you will receive a written Naturopathic Plan with dietary, supplement and therapeutic recommendations, and a separate Iridology Report.  CLICK HERE for more information on what is included.

Gold Package

In Clinic Naturopathic Assessment + 2 Follow Ups 

(follow ups online or clinic)  £399 *recommended *

First consultation (2.5hrs) exactly as above in clinic, with 2 x 1 hr follow ups (either in clinic or online). Follow ups do not include personalised remedies which can be purchased at £25 inc postage.  Expiration date of packages is 6 months from purchase.  Please check availability with me before purchasing.

Naturopathic Assessment Online  £185

2.5 hour Naturopathic Assessment all online with no Homeobotanical Remedy, Iridology Report, or Muscle testing.  For best results having a face to face consultation and muscle response testing and iridology is the most beneficial but this is an option for those who cannot travel.

Follow Up Naturopathy Consultation (adult/child)

1hour £85

Follow ups in clinic are 1 hour and include discussing the progress you have made with your health issues, diet and lifestyle changes and further Kinesiology Muscle Resistance Testing to identify further imbalances, emotional, physical, structural, heavy metals, allergies, atlas misalignment, scars, past injuries etc using corrective Kinesiology techniques.  If you would like a longer follow up, you can book a 1 hr 30 mins multi modality session instead.

Kinesiology MOT Balance 

(stand alone session Naturopathy Assessment not required first)

- 1 hour £75


Kinesiology Balance session which may include a 14 muscle / meridian balance for general health / MOT or we muscle test for Food Sensitivities / Intolerances Testing, Nutritional Deficiencies, Injury Recall, Cranial Faults, Atlas Correction, Temporomandibular Joint Corrections, Emotional Stress Release, Digestive Valve Corrections (ileocecal valve / Houston valves), Blood Chemistry, Endocrine Balance, Chakra & Aura Balance. Looking at root causes of head, back, neck, shoulder, pelvis, wrist, limb pain which are often not a structural issues on their own as root causes (e.g. food intolerances, thyroid problems, nutrient deficiencies, imbalanced diet, and emotional issues are the most common factors).  Kinesiology Muscle Testing helps to test, detect and balance root causes.  No write ups or plans are included (a full Nutritional Assessment is needed for a write up / plan).

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (test only, no consultation)   £80

This can be an add on to follow ups to be discussed in the consultation, it is not a stand alone test

For a test + a follow up there is a separate package below

Mini Consult + HomeoBotanical Remedy  £55 

Existing clients only.  30 minute consultation to determine appropriate remedy blend for acute flare ups. - may also include a homeopathic remedy or flower / gem essence  Click here to see remedies document  (I have most, not all). Includes postage.  If you pick up your remedy at the clinic it will be just £20.

Child First Consultation   £95

Up to 1hr 30 mins  - includes the same as an Adult consultation, but without the remedy bottle (which can be purchased separately if needed), with written plan, just a shorter session. 

Email / Message Support   £15

For existing clients only. 

Quick email or messaging through my platform are included in appointment fees, however it if takes longer than 15 minutes to answer your question I charge £15 per 15 mins.  I will let you know beforehand of course, and if necessary I may recommend a follow up.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis + Follow up Consultation   £165

1 hour follow up, discussing the results of your Hair Tissue Mineral Test.  Also discussing how symptoms are improving, what changes have been made, what the challenges have been, and a more focussed approach with the information from the test results.  Allow 3 weeks for results of the hair mineral test.   See here for more information on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

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