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Womens Wellness Group

Nourish & Nurture 6 week Group Programme

Coming Soon...

I have put together a 6 week Nourish & Nurture Programme for my Womens Wellness Group which integrates many of the modalities that I am trained in: Naturopathy and Natural Health, Nutritional Therapy, Buteyko Breathing, Chronic Pain and Stress Reduction, Iridology and Kinesiology.  This very unique 6 week programme is in person, and the location will be the North Buckinghamshire area TBC.  I will also likely do this programme online in 2025.

Each week will include presentation slides and a talk on each subject, questions and answers, some practical naturopathic exercises, a handout sheet to take away and a weekly recommended book and video links to talk on the weekly subject. There is also a private Womens Wellness Group Facebook Page which you will be invited to once you start your programme.  

You will be able to purchase each week separately, if you want to budget that way, or if you are only interested in one subject, or there is a discount for the whole 6-week package.
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Week 1
NATURAL HEALTH: Introduction to supporting health naturally and taking responsibility for your own health. What Naturopathy and Naturopathic Medicine is all about and how it supports.  Hydration – including cellular hydration / electrolyte balance and diuretics.  Detoxification and the pathways: cells -> extra cellular matrix -> lymph -> liver -> bowels. When we should and shouldn't detoxify.  Hering's Law of Cure and the Disease Evolution Table.  Naturopathic "tools": hair, nails, organ-dental chart, iridology, tongue analysis.
Week 2
HEALTHY EATING: eating with the seasons, for the climate, blood type, genetics (as seen in the iris - iridology), and blood sugar balance. Digestion, leaky gut, the gut microbiome. Our dietary requirements are unique – there is no “one" diet / food for everyone. Many believe they are eating a “healthy diet” but if there are health symptoms, it may not be as supportive as it could be.
Week 3
REDUCING STRESS: the Autonomic  Nervous System, the Vagus Nerve, lifestyle factors, food intolerances, sleep, mindfulness, meditation, sound  flower essences, grounding. How our words and thoughts create our biology.   Supporting Kinesiology techniques.
Week 4
BREATHING & RESPIRATION: correct respiration, tongue position and nose breathing and the many adverse health implications of mouth breathing & snoring versus nose breathing. Oral and Dental health and the health associations. Buteyko Clinical Breathing exercises.  The connection between the lungs and large intestine in Chinese Medicine and the emotions of grief, guilt & regret.
Week 5
PAIN: what is pain, why do we have pain, how chronic pain is very often linked to emotional health, making mind-body connections, metaphysical anatomy. How
our issues are reflected in our tissues. Other reasons for pain, explanations of the acupuncture meridians and associations with pain.  Fascia and the importance of the jaw ("the pelvis of the head") in health.

Week 6
BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER: challenges, questions, developing your own stress “first aid kit”, setting goals. Kinesiology muscle response test demonstration. Therapies and modalities for further support
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates
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