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Elaine Stavert
Associate Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Kinesiologist, IridologistHypnotherapist
Reiki Master, Buteyko Clinical Method Breathing Instructor, HomeoBotanical Therapist
OldPain2Go, Somasense®, HypnoIBS®, SIRPA Trained, Sunder Process 
Nat.Dip, NT. Dip, Cert BBM, API, HbT, amNNA, RAAHT, mFNTP, amKA, amSoNAMACCP

Deep Level Chakra Balancing using Acupressure

This method is very helpful for clients when the usual modes of treatment are not having the desired effect.  For instance, when osteopathy or chiropractic treatments are not holding, or for clients that are very sensitive.  Treating the chakras with acupressure can help remove the blocks that prevent healing.

This Kinesiology modality uses muscle response testing to identify and address very specific types of chakra imbalances and uses the acupuncture meridian system, without needles, to correct them. Most corrections are performed using a Chinese Spring-loaded Retractable Palpator on specific acupuncture points.

Chakras are vortices of energy emanating from the body as an electrical pattern, and every electrical impulse has a programme. They are a recording of the influences of the associated combination of acupuncture points at any given time.  Each chakra is located in the area where the major spinal plexuses occur, therefore each chakra influences organs, muscles, ligaments, and the vascular system.

Each chakra has two meridians governing it. They are balanced by the interweaving of these meridians around each chakra centre.  When these meridians are out of balance or out of position, various types of chakra imbalances occur.   The chakras are greatly affected by stress, and this method helps diffuse even severe emotional problems in a simple non- threatening way.


Treating the acupuncture system - the distributors of energy - will fine tune these highly important transponders of energy to affect in the body, mind and spirit in a remarkable way helping to relieve pain and discomfort in any area of the body.  

90% of all hypertonic muscles can be resolved by treating the chakras, thus painful muscles spasm can be alleviated quickly and easily.  

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

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