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  • The focus of Positive Psychology is on:
  • Positive experiences (such as happiness, joy, love and inspiration)
  • Positive states and traits (such as resilience, gratitude and compassion)
  • Positive institutions (applying positive principles within entire organisations and institutions). 
Positive Psychology was developed by a psychologist and has been backed up and redefined with over twenty years of rigorous scientific research.  Positive Psychology has a back catalogue of research which clearly demonstrates how people can create happiness and meaning in their lives. 

Hypnotherapy has the advantage of being able to allow the client to experience what their life will be like if it was more meaningful and happier. Being able to visualise the future, during a hypnosis session, is incredibly motivating. In contrast to being something which is abstract and “out there”, visualisation in hypnosis makes a realistic future feel attainable and realistic. People feel so much more motivated and competent in achieving that future state when they have experienced it in this way.  Bringing in tools such as NLP allows us to work with whatever it is that is holding a client back from living their best life. All those old, negative beliefs can be quickly left behind, where they belong, as the client learns to reframe their perspective in their journey towards their new life. 

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates
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