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Elaine Stavert
Associate Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Kinesiologist, Iridologist, Hypnotherapist
Reiki Master, Buteyko Clinical Method Breathing Instructor, HomeoBotanical Therapist
Practitioner of KCR, OldPain2Go, Somasense® HypnoIBS®, SIRPA
Trained, Sunder Process


Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Services

When you make an appointment with me, and pay for your package, you will be sent a link to my online client platform.  Here you will complete and sign various forms online, including a large Naturopathic Assessment Questionnaire enabling me to assess your current health and lifestyle. This not only saves time, but is also provides a great opportunity for you to consider your own needs.


An in-clinic first session involves an in-depth consultation, followed by iridology, Kinesiology Muscle Response Testing and evaluation.


For in-clinic Kinesiology Muscle Response Testing, clients lie fully clothed on a couch, (comfortable clothing recommended) while using gentle pressure, we test the resistance of one or more muscles, usually using either an arm or a leg, to pinpoint internal imbalances.  Where an imbalance is found I will focus on the most effective health solutions to help bring about the restoration of inner harmony.


I may sometimes suggest a laboratory test, such as a hair mineral test, or only very occasionally a stool test or blood test.  Naturopathy encompasses a broad spectrum of therapies, but there may be occasions where I feel it appropriate to refer you to a practitioner within a different field or for conventional medical help.  Note that Naturopathy does not "treat", "heal" or diagnose.  We educate a person on how to identify, understand and nurture their predispositions, and how to help bring their body back intoto balance so that it can start its innate healing process.


Consultations are a combination of a very detailed naturopathic nutrition case history taking, looking back at two generations, and case interpretation.  I use a blend of many disciplines when interpreting and supporting a case history including Western Nutritional Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine philosophies, Ayurvedic Medicine, 5 Element Chinese Medicine, Iridology, Kinesiology Muscle Response Testing, Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy, Homeopathy, Homotoxicology (complex homeopathic remedies), Flower Essences, Gem Essences, Sound Therapy (Tuning Forks), Herbs, Buteyko Clinical Breathing training, Hypnotherapy and other more specific modalities - click here for more information.  We are all totally unique in our requirements, and programmes are tailor made to the individual, however if there is one area that you are especially drawn to, please let me know.

You should allow a budget of £1-£3 per day for supplements.  Perhaps give up your daily takeaway coffee and that will cover it!  Generally, more nutritional support in the form of supplements is needed at the onset of treatment, and this usually decreases as your health improves.  Supplements / Remedies may include nutritional Supplements, flower or gem essences, HomeoBotanicals, HomeoHerbals, Homeopathy Remedies, Homotoxicology Remedies.


How many visits will I need?

Naturopathic treatment is about long-term changes to encourage optimal health. It is common for a patient to return for a number of consultations over a period of months, or even years, adjusting the treatment plan little by little until the body is back in a state of balance. The number of sessions required depends on the nature of the problem, and the length of time you have suffered from it. Most people start to see improvement within around 6 - 8 weeks, however a very rough guide is a month for every year you've had the problem.  As you start to feel better the gap between visits widen.  

Please see my Nutritional Therapy Consultation page which explains what to expect from a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Consultation and also my What is Naturopathy page to understand what Naturopathy is and how I work.  

Naturopathy encompass a broad spectrum of therapies, but there may be occasions where I feel it appropriate to refer you to a practitioner within a different field or for conventional medical help.  Please note that I do not work with cancer patients, those who are terminally ill or seriously ill (E.g Chronic Kidney Disease), acute injuries, or those with complex or serious mental health issues such as Schizophrenia, BiPolar or active eating disorders.

To understand in more detail how we work and what our health philosophy is all about, you will find reading this book very helpful

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FREE 15 minute discovery Phone conversation to briefly assess whether this therapy is right for you, and to understand how I work.

Please email me on to schedule your chat

If your Discovery Call was more than 14 days ago, please contact me before purchasing to check my current availability

First Consultation In Clinic with Iridology Report

2 1/2 hrs (Adult)  £225

Naturopathic Nutrition & Lifestyle initial in depth, very comprehensive consultation.  This is a much longer, and more in depth consultation than most, and includes a personalised HomeoBotanical remedy to take home (value £20).  You will be sent a detailed questionnaire and food diary to complete before your consultation and we discuss these at the start of the Consultation. I take a very in depth history, followed by Iridology - I take images of the iris and sclera of your eyes with my Iriscope, (unless you have light sensitivity), and we look at them on the screen This is followed by Kinesiology Muscle Response Testing for foods, nutrient deficiencies, and supplements.  See HERE for more information on Kinesiology Muscle Response Testing.

Online consultations do not include muscle response testing or iridology, so an in-clinic appointment is very highly recommended if you can make it as we are able to add more pieces of information to a person's health "jigsaw" with iridology and kinesiology muscle response testing.

You will receive a written Naturopathic Nutrition Plan, and a separate Iris Report, no longer than a week after your Consultation (usually just a day or two)

First Consultation Online  £165

As above except all online with no Homeobotanical Remedy, or Iris Report

Online consultations are limited and for best results having a face to face consultation and muscle response testing and iridology is best.

Gold Package

In Clinic 1st Consultation + 2 Follow Ups (follow up online or clinic)  £375 *recommended *


First consultation (2.5hrs) exactly as above in clinicwith 2 x 1.5hr follow ups to be taken within 3 months (either in clinic or online) and booked at your first Consultation.  Follow ups do not include personalised remedies which can be purchased at £25 inc postage.  Please check availability with me before purchasing

Please purchase using a computer not mobile or tablet

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis   £80

This can be an add on to follow ups, it is not a stand alone test, it is for existing clients only

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 14.21.45

Follow Up Consultation (adult or child) - 1hr 15 mins  £85


Mixed modality depending on what you need.  Follow ups in clinic are 1 hour and include discussing the progress you have made with your health issues, diet and lifestyle changes and further Kinesiology Muscle Resistance Testing to identify further imbalances, emotional, physical, structural, heavy metals, allergies, atlas misalignment, scars, past injuries etc using corrective Kinesiology techniques. This could be a purely Buteyko Breathing training, OldPain2Go, or a 1hr Kinesiology session.   Or an 1hr online consultation discussing your progress, motivation and support, and next steps - OldPain2Go can also be done online..

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Repeat Remedy Prescription £25 

This includes postage.  If you pick up your remedy at the clinic it will be just £20.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 14.21.45

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) Bodywork  £65


45-50 minute session

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 14.21.45

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) Bodywork package x 3  £165


3  X 45-50 minute sessions to be taken one a month on subsequent months.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 14.21.45

Child First Consultation   £95

1 to 1 1/2 hour - includes the same as an Adult consultation, but without the remedy bottle (which can be purchased separately if needed), with written plan, just a shorter session. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 14.21.45

Email / Message Support   £15

For existing clients only. 

Quick email or messaging through my platform are included in appointment fees, however it if takes longer than 15 minutes to answer your question I charge £15 per 15 mins.  I will let you know beforehand of course, and if necessary I may recommend a follow up.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis + Follow up Consultation   £145

1 hour follow up, discussing the results of your Hair Tissue Mineral Test.  Also discussing how symptoms are improving, what changes have been made, what the challenges have been, and a more focussed approach with the information from the test results.  Allow 3 weeks for results of the hair mineral test.  Ideally, hair should not be dyed (or several weeks of washed dyed hair) or free of use of medicated shampoo (need to leave 2 weeks free of unmedicated shampoo)  before testing but dyed hair can be used.  Note: for those with bone issues such as osteoporosis, I usually also check for Boron which is an additional £7 - so I will invoice you directly for this package instead.  See Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis page for more information.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

© Gut Feelings

Taster / Top Up Kinesiology Session   £30

Muscle testing for foods sensitivities, nutrients.  Checking for Chinese 5 Element, Acupuncture Meridian, Chakra, Aura imbalances.  TMJ, Atlas corrections (helpful for after dentistry).  Blood Chemistry balance.  Injury Recall (good for after surgery or for checking and balancing any energy disturbances from scars, tattoos, traumas to the body, ankle sprains, mammograms etc.  A good session for a quick check in.  This does not include a written plan.  Specific supplementation recommendations will only be made to existing clients).  I also offer these sessions at Mind, Body, Spirit Shows (click here to see which shows I am attending)

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