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Elaine Stavert

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Associate Naturopath


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Kinesiology TFH - Reiki Master - Cordon Bleu Cook - Author - Buteyko Breathing Instructor

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Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Consultations

What can you expect in your Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Consultation?


The body never works against us, we just mis-interpret the signaos.  Nutritional Therapy seeks to restore the body's vital energy through changes in diet, correcting nutritional deficiencies, and naturopathic cleansing techniques.  I seek to identify and address the root cause of symptoms, not just suppressing the symptoms.  A full history is taken of past medical history, family health, current health issues, diet and lifestyle.  Detailed analysis of symptoms, lifestyle and diet is carried out during the consultation, looking back at family members' health going back two generations to consider likely predispositions, together your own detailed health history going back to birth. Explanations will be offered as to likely root causes of nutritional imbalances that may the underlying causes of presenting symptoms.


Before your consultation I will send you a health and lifestyle questionnaire to complete and a 7-day food diary.  The first consultation is 1.5 hours.  A full history is taken of past medical history, family health, current health issues, diet and lifestyle.   A Personalised Nutritional Programme will be prepared for you after the consultation which includes supplements, if necessary, together with dietary and lifestyle changes.  You will also receive a Stage 1 and Stage 2 E-books with information on first steps, health and nutrition and a little E-book of simple and useful recipes.  It can take time to unravel health conditions, a bit like peeling away the layers of an onion and therefore a second consultation is generally required 4-6 weeks later, and subsequent consultations as and when required, possibly with some laboratory testing if necessary to look further into root causes - some symptoms can take longer to unravel than others.


Laboratory testing may be suggested to help uncover the reason for ill health.  These may include Hair Mineral Testing, Hormonal Saliva Testing, Stool Tests, Organic Urine Tests.


Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy may support those experiencing: -




Consultations are currently face to face live online via my secure Practice Better Nutritional Portal

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My Nutritional Therapy Journey


We read in the news that we should eat this, we shouldn't eat that, the information can be very confusing. There is actually no "one diet" that suits everyone.  What may be right for one person, may be inappropriate for the next.  New research is coming out all of the time to give us more insight into our health, particularly on the gut microbiome, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest information.  


As we age, it can be harder for the body to balance itself, our hormones change, our nutritional requirements change, our lifestyle changes.  What may have been appropriate when you were younger, may not be appropriate right now for your body.  I help you to understand the life changes that may be happening in your body, and how nutrition may support these changes, which may give you more of a feeling of control over your life.


After a stressful job, poor nutrition, and a few other factors, resulted in a stroke for me, I had to learn to walk, read, and talk properly again.  I did this through training in Nutritional Therapy and Reiki, changing my career, my diet and my lifestyle.  I now feel more alive and happy in my 50s than at any other time in my life.  I know how hard it can be when you are struggling with life, but I know how wonderful life can be when we just start to make some changes.  Change nothing and nothing will change.  Although some benefits can often be felt fairly quickly when changes are made, there is no one "quick fix", a diet, pill, supplement, exercise, that does this.  I help you to look at all areas of your life, and to recognise how likely root causes may be contributing to symptoms.  Science is now showing that genetics play only a very small part in our health - it is our lifestyle and environment that switches our genes on or off (epigenetics).


Sometimes, just making some simple and gradual changes can have a big impact.  The gut and the brain are intrinsically connected, and by changing the balance of nutrients in your diet, together with lifestyle choices, you may achieve more energy and vitality.


In a non-judgmental consultation, I help you to understand where imbalances may be occurring, the latest research on health, the pathway of imbalances, and help you introduce simple and easy changes that fit in with your own unique lifestyle, likes and dislikes, to feel the best you that you can be.  

  • Digestive disturbances - IBS, acid reflux

  • Low mood, anxiety, phobias, fears

  • General apathy with life and lack of direction

  • Lack of energy, ME, CFS

  • Chronic stress, adrenal fatigue

  • Inflammation in the joints, aches and pains - arthritis

  • Skin health - eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, hives, dermatitis

  • Headaches / migraines

  • Controlling cravings

  • Allergies - hay fever, asthma, sensitivities to chemicals

  • Parasitic infections, fungal overgrowth (e.g. Candida, mould)

  • Cystitis, urinary tract infections

  • Sleep problems

  • Diabetes / insulin resistance

  • Hypoglycaemia / blood sugar imbalance

  • Hypertension / high blood pressure 

  • Menopause

  • Weight management

  • Female reproductive disorders - PMT/PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids

  • Promoting fertility